The International Missing Person’s Case of Julie Cutler

In this episode, Grace discusses the international missing person’s case of Julie Cutler, a 22-year-old Australian who went missing on a stormy June night in 1988.  When her crushed car was found two days later submerged off the coast of Perth’s most popular beach, the community was sent on a frantic hunt to find Julie, fearing she may have met an awful fate.  The case has since gone cold, and very little evidence still remains in the hands of police.  An inquest into the case was conducted in November 2022 in an attempt to bring it closer to a conclusion, but it left a family and community that has been grieving for almost 40 years with more questions than answers.

Sources for this episode:

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Photos of Julie’s car:

Julie’s Car Picture 1

Julie’s Car Picture 2

Julie’s Car Picture 3

Photos of Cottesloe Beach:

Aerial Image of the Surf Club and Retaining Wall

The Artificial Rock Wall