Grace is on the Case is a true crime podcast.  Each episode, host Grace Lynn Keller tells the story of a notorious case of true crime, followed by an expert interview with someone central to the case.  From past to present, and solved to unsolved, Grace is on the case.

True crime in itself is a fascinating subject.  In recent years, content surrounding crime, police investigation, and and other related topics has seen a huge growth in audience, becoming one of the most popular podcast topics to date.  Much of the current content today revolves around a host or content creator doing their research and delivering the story of a case for listeners.  This show, however, is different.

Not only do listeners tune in each week to hear the story of a case, but they will also get to hear an interview with an expert involved with the case.  Through this, listeners get an inside look into details surrounding each case from someone who has spent a significant amount of time studying, investigating, or experiencing firsthand the crimes discussed in each episode.

While many tune into true crime content for entertainment, the purpose behind Grace is on the Case is not to entertain an audience.  Through solid journalistic investigation and and a relentless effort to seek justice for victims and their families, I hope to bring visibility to the cases covered in a relentless effort be a voice for the voiceless.

This is Grace is on the Case.