Show writer and host Grace Lynn Keller is a graduate of The University of Iowa, obtaining her B.A. in journalism and mass communication with a certification in writing in 2021.  Through her journalism education, she discovered her passion for investigation, creating a drive to use her skills as a journalist to speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves.

Prior to starting the podcast, Grace worked as a freelance journalist and a news reporter with The Daily Iowan, gaining experience covering a number of beats, topics, and stories.  Some of her most notable work includes reporting on the groundbreaking revisions to Title IX made by the Trump Administration in 2017 and the 2019 Iowa midterm elections.

After gaining experience covering a vast array of news stories, Grace began to focus in on something she had become truly passionate about over the course of her education: using her journalistic abilities to investigate crime, cold cases, and court proceedings.  In January 2020 she began working with the team at Executive Podcast Solutions on the production end, and the idea for Grace is on the Case was brought to fruition.  Grace now serves as the Vice President of Executive Podcast Solutions and spends each episode investigating an instance of crime, followed by interviewing a person central to the case.

Writer and host Grace Lynn Keller